Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another dog park possible in Dutchess County

Good news for the Town of Wappinger.

Councilman Vincent Bettina has proposed establishing a dog park in Castle Point Park. The town board recently passed a resolution that would enable the town planner to study the feasibility of a park there.

“There is a nice fenced in area that wouldn’t require much modification,” Bettina said. “It would be good to have a place where people can go and enjoy being with their pets.”

This would be the second park in Dutchess County, the first being in the Town of Fishkill.

LaGrange town officials are open to the idea of a dog park operating on town land adjoining the highway garage on Stringham Road, but they want to see if there is enough community support first.

The town is willing to fund most of the construction through the recreation fees, but want to $16,000 from residents toward the estimated cost of the fence.

The dog park in Fishkill is paid for completely by the town, though Supervisor Joan Pagones said a fee for non-residents is being considered.

I say, keep 'em coming. Hey, City of Poughkeepsie, are you listening?


Slivka said...

Great news. I have a year old malamute, Laska, who I take to the Fishkill park as often as time allows. It would be wonderful to have a dog park in Wappingers Falls. What can we do to help make it happen?

KAM said...

I would definitely love to see more dog parks. City or town of Poughkeepsie or Hyde Park would work for me and my dogs.

Anonymous said...

We really need a dog park here in Beacon. There's plenty of unused land around the city that's going to waste...